Outside the rustling winds
I fear the sight of what will happen
To the trees growth as seasons pass
I expect a reflection of what I go through
No matter the beauty I grow
It falls and nature shows
I turn my head to go but I don’t leave
This time I watch closely
To the leaf as it lands safely
My eyes water to express misunderstanding
Then the ground consumes to be leaf
And the tree grows from what leaves
Just as we grow by belief



Photo by Miles Storey on Unsplash

We tend to forget that loves a trick

And it’s how you interpret it’s meaning and relic

That fits in mind and counts for our time

So don’t miss out on those simple signs

Round and round, our merry sound plays

We then become proud and forget why we stay

Focus on point and make way for glee

But distract your intent and dizzy you’ll be

To then fall and scream why

You should’ve focused on me



A poem.

Photo by Andrew Buchanan on Unsplash

At every moment we breathe and choke
We must take in the fact that nothing we hear is a hoax

In some regard, there’s truth in what lies and guides
But it’s how you react and control your mind that dictates your rise

Even in the instance of intended trigger by outward tongue
Once you’re strong, you’ll figure the voice that leads you on

No matter the word
It’s your choice to understand what you’ve heard

So know that we learn from venom or antidote alike
But it’s how you take it to find true purpose in the light

The Gifted Chance to Understand Self



Photo by sebastiaan stam on Unsplash

Each trick they play we learn their way
That only weak minds fade away
Batting words to hit a target they care less for
I say these players will deplore their act

As it combats the expectancy of intended damage
They may have missed, but I’ve caught the message



Thomas-Matthew Elijah Shands

Thomas-Matthew Elijah Shands

Rid yourself of ego and the obsession of receiving answers of how and why, there isn’t one. Follow and clap that *** .