Make It Happen

In hearing news about the achievements of family members in their respective fields, I’ve instinctively decided to reflect on my prosperity. There’s strength in knowing who you are as a person and where you will make it, only when you follow the plan you set in place.

From the age of 2 with sneaking upstairs to tickle the keys and laugh on my babysitters piano in Mount Vernon, to writing my first song called “Hurtin’ Years” when I was 7 years old to tell my Grandfather to stop smoking cigarettes. I’ve always known that music and the message behind what I write was the path I must follow; despite the discouragement of family, friends, and foes alike. Writing words at such a young age and knowing they weren’t nonsense strung together, but a message my soul had to tell, these weren’t coincidences. With whatever struggle I see in others, I see in myself and understanding the premise of pride, I write to mend the wounds I’ve yet to sew within myself and those who can relate.

I believe we’re born with our talents and practice them at a young age, and if you’re lucky enough, no one will deter you away from pursuing this. My greatest influence to pursue what I love is my mother and father; they encouraged me to do what I loved at a young age, and despite the struggle, they knew it was my truth so they were always there for me. So I was lucky enough to have them as my support. Although many of those outside of my home, constantly belittled me and my pursuit, I was and still am stubborn to succeed in what I know is right.

My Choir Director in High School, Mrs. Brillhart, saw a light within me and knew that I was serious with a life of music and artistic expression. I had an intonation problem, which was a major issue in ever succeeding in music, and slowly but surely we worked through it. She invested in me at my young age and constantly reminded me that I can do whatever I set my mind to, but I must be willing to constructively and maturely accept harsh criticism. This was the case with every artist in their field, and with this installment, I knew I was invincible because opinion could never knock me down. It’s bringing tears to my eyes, whether I’m being dramatic or not, because she will always have dear sentiment in my heart for encouraging me and pushing me to succeed at such a sensitive and important time in my life. Mrs. Brillhart was the best teacher and one of my top inspirations in music, and when I make it she will be there and reap her reward (if she wants to).

With pursuing a life in music and literature, everyone knows this isn’t always practical and conventional to make a great or even steady living. There’s always this pressure from everyone not involved, that we as musicians can’t make it and need to be more realistic, but that’s just the thing, this takes true heart and strength to make it through. I’ve struggled through the greatest depths of my soul and being to finally understand what I have to do. I am a soldier at heart and know that God speaks to me through music and what I write. To be great takes a resilient heart and tactful mind, and I’m there now. The path isn’t for everyone, and it’s different for everyone. There’s no one way.

The purpose behind writing this piece is to remind me that I’m where I’m supposed to be, and not to be worried by others. I know what I must do, and this is a science that takes great faith, as all science does, and with faith and the effort resulting, I will make it happen.



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